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A1Flags Australia F.A.Q.

FAQ 1: How do I purchase from this online store?

Answer 1:

Detailed instructions including screen shots.

  • Add products to cart using the add to cart buttons. Click the yellow Checkout button(top right of page).
  • Now looking at Cart Contents page: Enter delivery country and delivery method, click Recalculate delivery button, review all charges. Click Continue.
  • Now looking at Client Details page: Fill in the billing details and shipping details (if different from billing).Click Continue.
  • Now looking at Order Review and Payment page: Review all the details and if correct nominate payment method. Click Continue

If however, you prefer to use the old fashioned paper order form or the Shopping Cart does not function on your web browser, click on the link below, print out the order form, get the relevant details from web page, enter the details and post to us at the address shown on form.

Paper Order Form

FAQ 2: What is your telephone number? Or, Can you please contact me on (a telephone number).

Answer 2:

No, we will not answer questions or conduct business over the telephone. If you have a question please email us, but not before you have read through the F.A.Q. (this page)

We really appreciate a question that has not been asked before, because we will then incorporate the answer into our website, thereby improving the content for all our future customers. We do understand that some people need the friendly voice of a salesperson on the telephone to help them through their purchase, we cannot provide this service.

FAQ 3: Do you have a shop where we actually can go and buy a flag or pickup our order?

Answer 3:

No. The business model A1 flags has adopted is to focus only on internet sales. This avoids the necessity of having to lease showrooms and engage sales staff. This keeps our costs low and enables us to offer the low prices you see on our web site.

FAQ 4: How much does delivery cost?

Answer 4:

One large flag delivered anywhere in Australia will cost approximately $5.50 by Ordinary Post.
To get a quote on delivery charges, add the desired items to the shopping cart then click the checkout link, select the type of postage required and click the 'Recalculate Delivery' button, the updated cost will be displayed in the totals table.
Delivery Charges are automatically calculated depending on the total weight and volume of your order. Delivery is through Australia Post and the delivery charges are calculated according to the rates shown in the 'Post Charges' booklet published by Australia Post. A small fee is also added to cover the costs of envelopes, insurance and the completion of statutory forms. The delivery charges that will be charged to your order can always be viewed by clicking on the shopping cart link. Australian destinations have a choice of Ordinary Post or Express Post. For International Destinations  Airmail is always used.
Delivery is made during business hours, a specified delivery time cannot be arranged.
Post Office Box addresses are acceptable.

FAQ 5: How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Answer 5:

The online shopping cart will show the E.T.A. (Expected Time of Arrival). This information can be found at Checkout: Step 1 of 3 (The checkout button only appears after an item is added to the cart). After entering the destination postcode and selecting Express or Regular Post, the E.T.A. will be displayed.

Daily Dispatch Times

  • Monday to Thursday: Orders received before 2:00pm (A.E.S.T.) will be dispatched that day.
  • Friday: Orders received before 12:00pm (A.E.S.T.) will be dispatched that Friday. Orders placed after 12:00pm (A.E.S.T.) will be dispatched the following Monday, or in the case of public holidays the next working day.
  • Saturday and Sunday: Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be dispatched the following Monday, or in the case of public holidays the next working day.

* A.E.S.T. Australian Eastern Standard Time

If the item is not in stock you will receive an email with an anticipated dispatch date. All orders are dispatched using Australia Post.

  • Australian orders - Australia Post delivery schedules: click here.
  • International orders - delivery from 4 to 16 days.
FAQ 6: What Currency and what is G.S.T.?

Answer 6:

All the prices quoted are in Australian dollars (AU$).
G.S.T. is an acroynm for Goods and Services Tax.
All the prices displayed on our web site include the
The current G.S.T. rate is 10%.
Unfortunately, the shopping cart technology used on our website does not allow for the G.S.T to be removed for orders from outside Australia.

FAQ 7: I cannot find the flag I require.

Answer 7:

All the flags that we sell are listed in the database connected to this web site. Sizes and prices are also shown. All the different flags we sell can be found through the category listings. Also there is a Search Text Box shown at the top of each page which will search the flag database. If these two options do not show the flag that you require, then we do not stock it.

There are two main reasons why we might not stock it:

  1. The flag is a registered design or copyright. Flags which fall into this category are:
    • Olympic Flag
    • Aboriginal Flag
    • Sporting Clubs (AFL, NRL, NBA) These organisations normally sell flags through there own merchandising stores.
  2. The manufacturers do not believe there is sufficient demand to justify the manufacturing costs. Flags are normally screen printed in large numbers.
FAQ 8: Do you accept Government Purchase Orders?

Answer 8:

NO. From May 2018 we ceased accepting Government Purchase Orders.
This is because we receive so few of them and most government departments now have credit cards which they can use.

FAQ 9: How do I attach a flag with eyelets to a pole or staff.

Answer 9:

For instructions and diagrams click here.

FAQ 10: I want to buy a few flags, do I get a discount?

Answer 10:

Yes, discount is based on the cart total.

Discounts Now Apply*
Purchase Total Discount %
$0 - $74 0%
$75 - $149 10%
$150 - $299 20%
$300 or more 30%
*SALE items not included

Just add selected items to the online shopping cart and the discount will automatically be applied.
The total discount applied can be seen at the Checkout: Step 1 of 3.

FAQ 11: What does A1 Flags do with the information I submit?

Answer 11:

In short, we do not distribute any of the details you provide in the ordering process to any other organisation, except those organisations that play a direct role in the order process, specifically those organisations that authorise credit card payments and Australia Post or other delivery agents. When information is provided to these organisations only that information required to perform the service is provided.
The following is a brief summary of what occurs to the information you provide when placing an order with A1 Flags, assuming payment by credit card.
After clicking on the button [Complete Checkout-Issue Order ID] the information is saved in a password protected SQL database. The credit card number is further secured by applying an encryption algorithm. Email containing the order details and addresses are sent to the sales team at A1 Flags and the customer. The email contain only the last 4 digits of the credit card number. When an order email is received at A1 Flags we then access the database using purpose written software that accesses the database and retrieves the information, including the credit card information. the credit card details are then sent to a credit card approving authority using an encrypted SSL connection. The credit card information is never stored in any computer based database at A1 Flags. After a period of approximately 12 weeks all the data pertaining to an order is deleted from the SQL database.

FAQ 12: Can you make a flag of my design?

Answer 12:


All our flags are imported from China. All the flag designs you see on our website are popular designs which are mass produced (print runs in excess of 200).

FAQ 13: Where are the flags Made?

Answer 13:

One of two countries:

  • People's Republic of China
  • Republic of China (Taiwan).
FAQ 14: What are the flags made of?

Answer 14:

Polyester material. All the edges are hemmed with dual stitching,the hoist edge is finished with a white tape with 2 eyelets.
PLEASE NOTE! These flags are lightweight flags and have a variety of uses: sporting team support; decorations; marches; occasional flying on a flagpole***
***These flags are not designed for prolonged flying on flagpoles.
To attach the flag to a flagpole, the flagpole rope should have 2 snap clips.

FAQ 15: What is your Returns Policy?

Answer 15:

What we will NOT refund or reimburse.
We will NOT refund or replace any flag that has been used on a flagpole. This is because the flags sold at A1 Flags are light weight flags and are not intended for prolonged use on flagpoles. This warning is displayed on every page of our website catalogue.

What we will refund or replace.
If you can quote an invoice number or order number as proof of purchase and any of the flags you have purchased have any of the following conditions:

  • The flag is faulty or is not of acceptable quality.
  • The flag is not fit for its intended purpose.
  • The flag does not match the sample or our description

We will do one of the following:

  • Send a replacement for the flag
  • Reimburse the cost of the flag and any associated delivery charges.

What we will do if you have ordered the wrong size or design.
We will exchange any flags that have been ordered incorrectly, for example wrong size or design, as long as the flag has not been used.
You may be required to pay for the postage costs incurred exchanging the flags.

FAQ 16: What types of payment will you accept?

Answer 16:

We will accept the following types of payment:

  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard and Amex)
  • PayPal (Our PayPal account: manager@e-flag.com.au)
  • Direct Deposit
  • Cheques (In Australian dollars and drawn on an Australian bank)
  • Money order

If paying by Cheque or Money Order, select 'Mail' as your payment option in the online shopping cart (Review page). A printed page will be generated which should be included with your payment.

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