A1Flags Australia F.A.Q.

FAQ 1: How do I purchase from this online store?

Answer 1:

    Follow these steps:

  • Add products to cart using the add to cart button. Click the yellow checkout button (top right of page).
  • Now looking at Shopping Cart & Postage page: Enter postcode and delivery method. Click continue.
  • Now looking at Delivery Address page: Fill in your details. Click continue.
  • Now looking at Review & Payment page: Review all of the details you have provided. If correct, nominate your preferred payment method. Click continue.

If however you prefer to use a paper order form or if the shopping cart does not function on your web browser, please click on the link below to print out a paper order form. Once you have completed the form, please post to us at the address shown on the form.

Paper Order Form

FAQ 2: What is your telephone number?

Answer 2:

We do not answer questions or conduct business over the telephone. If you have a question please email us.

FAQ 3: Do you have a shop where I can go to buy a flag or pick up an order?

Answer 3:

No. The business model A1 Flags has adopted is to focus only on internet sales, avoiding the necessity of having to lease showrooms and engage sales staff. This keeps our costs low and enables us to offer the low prices you see on our site.

FAQ 4: How much does delivery cost?

Answer 4:

Postage on one large flag delivered anywhere in Australia is $11.20.

To get a quote on delivery charges, add the desired items to the shopping cart then enter your postcode and preferred delivery method (we provide a choice of regular or express post for all orders). The updated cost will be displayed in the totals table.

Delivery charges are automatically calculated depending on the volume of your order. Delivery is through Australia Post and the delivery charges are calculated according to the rates shown in the 'Post Charges' booklet published by Australia Post. A small fee is also added to cover miscellaneous costs such as envelopes.

FAQ 5: How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Answer 5:

The online shopping cart will show the estimated time of arrival.

Daily Dispatch Times

  • Monday to Thursday: Orders received before 2:00pm AEST (3:00pm AEDT) will be dispatched that day.
  • Friday: Orders received before 12:00pm AEST (1:00pm AEDT) will be dispatched that day.
  • Saturday and Sunday: Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be dispatched the following Monday.

All orders are dispatched using Australia Post. You can view the Australia Post Delivery Schedule here: Australia Post Delivery Schedule

FAQ 6: Why can't I find the flag that I'm looking for?

Answer 6:

The entire range of flags that we sell can be found through the category listings. There is also a search text box at the top of each page which allows you to search our flag database. If you are unable to find the flag you are looking for through these methods, it is likely that we do not stock that particular flag.

There are two main reasons why we may not stock a particular flag:

  1. The flag is copyrighted. Examples of flags which fall into this category are:
    • Olympic Flag
    • Aboriginal Flag
    • Flags of professional sporting clubs
  2. Our manufacturers do not believe there is sufficient demand to justify the manufacturing costs.
FAQ 7: How do I attach a flag with eyelets to a staff? FAQ 8: I want to buy a few flags, do I get a discount?

Answer 8:

Yes, we offer discounts as listed below for all orders totalling $75 or more (excluding sale items). The discount will be automatically applied to your shopping cart.

Discounts Now Apply*
Purchase Total Discount %
$0 - $74 0%
$75 - $149 10%
$150 - $299 20%
$300 or more 30%
*SALE items not included
FAQ 9: What does A1 Flags do with the information that I submit?

Answer 9:

We do not distribute any of the details you provide in the ordering process to any other organisation, except those organisations that play a direct role in the order process - specifically the organisations that authorise credit card payments and Australia Post. When information is provided to these organisations, only the information required to perform the service is included.

The following is a brief summary of what occurs to the information you provide when placing an order with A1 Flags, assuming payment by credit card:

After a customer submits an order, their information is saved in a password protected SQL database. The credit card number is further secured by applying an encryption algorithm. An email containing the order details and addresses are sent to the sales team at A1 Flags, as well as the customer. The email contains only the last 4 digits of the credit card number. Once the order email is received at A1 Flags, we then access the SQL database using purpose written software that retrieves all information provided, including the credit card details. The credit card details are then sent to a credit card approving authority using an encrypted SSL connection. The credit card information is never stored in any computer based database at A1 Flags. After a period of approximately 12 weeks, all the data pertaining to an order is deleted from the SQL database.

FAQ 10: Can you make a flag of my design?

Answer 10:

All of the flag designs you see on our website are popular designs imported from China where they are mass produced. We do not manufacture unique designs.

FAQ 11: Where are the flags made?

Answer 11:

Our flags are made in one of two countries:

  • People's Republic of China
  • Republic of China (Taiwan)
FAQ 12: What are the flags made of?

Answer 12:

Our flags are made of polyester material. All of the edges are hemmed with dual stitching and the hoist edge is finished with a white tape with 2 eyelets.

FAQ 13: What is your returns policy?

Answer 13:

What we will NOT refund or replace
We will NOT refund or replace any flag that has been used on a flagpole. This is because the flags sold at A1 Flags are light-weight flags and are not intended for prolonged flying on flagpoles. This warning is displayed on every page of our website.

What we will refund or replace
If you can quote an invoice or order number as proof of purchase and any of the flags you have purchased are not of acceptable quality.

We will then do one of the following at your discretion:

  • Send a replacement flag
  • Refund the cost of the flag and associated delivery charges

What we will do if you have ordered the wrong size or design
We will exchange any flags that have been ordered incorrectly (for example wrong size or design) as long as the flag has not been used. You will be required to pay for the postage costs incurred exchanging the flags.

FAQ 14: What types of payment do you accept?

Answer 14:

We accept the following types of payment:

  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard and Amex)
  • PayPal
  • Direct Deposit
  • Cheques
  • Money Orders

If paying by Cheque or Money Order, please select 'Mail' as your payment option in the online shopping cart. A form will be generated which should be included with your payment.