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In competitions held in 1988 and 1992 artists, and other interested ACT citizens, provided a large range of designs for consideration as the proposed Australian Capital Territory flag. Although there was no general agreement within the community on a particular design, there were some features in common amongst the entries. These elements were incorporated into four design options presented by Members of the Legislative Assembly to the ACT community for its consideration in February/March 1993.
The ACT Electoral Office reported that the most popular choice among ACT citizens who expressed preferences on any of the four options was a design featuring the Southern Cross and a modified form of the City of Canberra Coat of Arms.
As a result, the Chief Minister, Rosemary Follett MLA, put forward the following motion which was passed by the Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory on 25 March 1993: “That this Assembly, noting the outcome of community consultation on a flag for the ACT, adopts the design featuring the Southern Cross and a modified form of the Canberra City Coat of Arms as the official flag for the Australian Capital Territory.”
The ACT flag has been flown outside the Assembly building since that day.

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