Flag Estelada Catalan Independence

Flag Estelada Catalan Independence 1500x900mm

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The Estelada (full name Senyera estelada, "starred flag" or "lone star flag", from estel, "star") is an unofficial flag typically flown by Catalan independence supporters to express their support for either an independent Catalonia or independent Països Catalans (Catalan Lands, i.e. the territories where Catalan is traditionally spoken). The use of this flag as a protest symbol within Catalan nationalism has become more notable since the 1970s' Spanish transition to democracy. The design of the Estelada comprises the red-and-yellow bars of the Senyera, with the addition of a five-pointed star in a triangle at the hoist. It has not been adopted as the national flag of the proclaimed Catalan Republic, the legitimacy of which is disputed; instead the Senyera flag is used.
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