Flag Papua New Guinea

Flag Papua New Guinea 1500x900mm

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Flag Papua New Guinea 900x600mm

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Hand-waver Papua New Guinea 450x300mm (One only)

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Handwaver Child Papua New Guinea 225x150mm (One only)

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Desk Flag Papua New Guinea 150x100mm (One only)

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The eastern half of the island of New Guinea - second largest in the world - was divided between Germany (north) and the UK (south) in 1885. The latter area was transferred to Australia in 1902, which occupied the northern portion during World War I and continued to administer the combined areas until independence in 1975. A nine-year secessionist revolt on the island of Bougainville ended in 1997 after claiming some 20,000 lives.

Design Description

divided diagonally from upper hoist-side corner; the upper triangle is red with a soaring yellow bird of paradise centered; the lower triangle is black with five, white, five-pointed stars of the Southern Cross constellation centered

Capital City

Port Moresby


constitutional monarchy with parliamentary democracy